ECU upgrades

We specialise in ECU software tuning/calibration to unleash your vehicles performance while maintaining reliability. We specialise in Mercedes AMG, Audi RS/VW, Porsche and BMW M powered vehicles, however we can cater for requests on many more makes and models.

All our software calibration is custom made for each vehicle. Here at Pure Tuning we do not use any generic files. Our ECU software calibration dramatically increases the engines horsepower and torque along with significant throttle response.

We can cater for a variety of upgrades within the ECU software to optimise the performance according to our clients needs, some of these options include Increased RPM limiter, pops and bangs/crackles, Vmax top speed limiter removal, cold start delete, performance dial adjustments, launch control, boost reduction at lower RPM in lower gears for more traction and so on.


Unleash the true potential of your Mercedes-Benz AMG.

The Mercedes factory tuning limits the torque and horsepower with the factory CPC installed. With our new and tuned CPC modules your vehicles performance will change dramatically.

Our CPC modules not only removes the torque limitations set from the factory but it also:

  • Allows for quicker gear shifts
  • Allows ECU to access higher horsepower levels (restricted with stock cpc)
  • Quicker throttle and engine speed response
  • Change launch control RPM
  • Vmax top speed limiter removal
  • Exhaust flap delete
  • Maximum power in every gear.

TCU gearbox tuning benefits:

  • Much faster gear shifts
  • Smoother shifting
  • Increased acceleration
  • Increased reaction to paddle shifts
  • Locks torque converter at low rpm
  • Increases efficiency

The results are phenomenal, contact us for your CPC & TCU tuning needs.

As well as Mercedes we offer TCU gearbox tuning for many other makes and models, such as Audi, VAG & BMW. Please enquire for further details.


If you notice that your car is giving you error messages on the dash or if you find that your car is really causing you problems, then our team are here to help you with that. We have the latest software and diagnostic testing systems for many makes and models.

We can diagnose faults within your vehicle from a simple plug in OBD test all the way to intense fault finding, we do not carry out any work or replace components until we have discussed all the details.


For performance enthusiasts looking for more power we recommend upgrading the stock turbochargers for much larger hybrid turbos which allow the extra flow and pressure to be achieved at a safe and reliable turbine speed and at higher compressor efficiencies. A hybrid turbo charger is designed to force more air into the engine which then allows for more fuel and therefore more horsepower.

Gear box Tuning (TCU Software calibration)

We offer upgraded gearbox software’s that can give much more responsive shifts, including vehicles fitted with paddle shifts. We re-program shift points which increase driving experience along with rapid gear changes which then increases reliability within your transmission. Many of our clients take on the TCU gearbox software upgrades when they enhance their vehicles performance after stage 2 onwards. This upgrade is available for most Audi/VW, Mercedes and BMW vehicles. Please ask us if this is option is available for your vehicle.

Further upgrades

If you’re looking to increase your vehicles performance even further then we can cater for such requests which include larger more efficient intercoolers, upgraded intake systems, larger injectors, upgraded high pressure fuel pumps, water methanol injection and many more upgrades, please contact us for further information regarding these options.


We service, maintain and repair many makes and models. Some of our regular clients bring in their pride and joys for minor and major servicing work. We specialise in Mercedes AMG, Audi RS/VW, Porsche and BMW M powered vehicles, however we can cater for a number of different makes and models. Some of our work includes brakes, exhausts, suspension components and much more.